The United States, unlike other countries doesn’t have a single central government datastore and there is also a lack of transparency around company filings.

It is for these reasons that Creditsafe collects data from thousands of sources. This includes many government registries, businesses’ own trade payment data, partners and more.

Using such a variety of data sources ensures that we have a broad coverage, that our data is accurate and verified, and to enrich our overall offering.

This information is updated periodically throughout the year; with varying frequencies from daily to monthly depending on the data type.  All information is verified before being ingested into our database and powering the scores and limits that Creditsafe USA provides our customers.  Once the information is verified and then loaded into our database, our scores are updated to reflect the new information. All scores and limits are generated from our proprietary algorithms that are consistently refined based on advances in technology and process improvement.

We have caterogorised our data in the following areas :

  • Payment data
  • Firmagraphic data
  • Public records
  • Legal events
  • Relationship data
  • Financial data