A lien is a moderate-to-high risk legal event that can impact a company's credit and affect its financial stability as an organization. Liens are a claim against one's property or assets in an attempt to secure a debt.


A debtor whose property is subjected to lien risks having that properly foreclosed upon by the lienholder in the case of default.  When a business takes out a loan to fund equipment or other expenses, its lender is able to take out a lien on the borrower as a condition that the lender will be able to seize assets in case of non-repayment.

Varies by court venue according to state & federal codes. State liens are usually enforceable for 10-20 years before needing renewal. Federal (IRS) tax liens must be renewed after 10 years to remain active

  • Creditsafe tax lien penalty active for 81 months (6 years, 9 months) from the filing date or until closed 
  • Creditsafe receives new data daily from over 4000 courts. 
  • Currently have over 25 million tax liens in our database 
  • On average there are 1.4 million tax liens filed every year.
  • Affecting roughly half a million companies.