On the occasion that you are having issues logging into our website please check the following setting with whoever controls your IT security.

Please contact Creditsafe to ensure that there is not an issue with your user account, once we have confirmed there is not an issue with your user account we will continue the troubleshooting.

If you are having trouble logging in using your computer please test using another computer to see if this shows the issue is related to a particular computer.

If the login does not work on another computer please try a computer outside of your organization (a personal computer at home) this will help us identify if the issue is with your organization's network settings.

List of domains to allowed list


Geographic locations to be added to allowed lists

United States Of America

United Kingdom


Services to be added to allowed lists

Amazon web services (eu-west-1)

Microsoft Azure (UK South)

If you continue to have issues please delete temporary files and cookies and retest.

If you continue to have issue please follow the below instructions and send details to your account manager.

Open your browser and navigate to page - https://mylogin.creditsafe.com/en-us

You should see the page below

Press F12 (or Control+ Shift+ I) on the computer to open a DevTools Program  

Screen like this will appear  

Graphical user interface, application, table Description automatically generated 

On this screen, click the network tab  

 A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated 

Keep this tool open and  attempt to login using the username and password provided.

You will most likely get the same error if you are on the same network 

After the error message appears, go back to the DEV Tools  

Look inside the Network tab for any links that show up in red  (you can select the Status column to order these)

Right click the red links select copy>copy link address

Provide these URLs to your IT team to change settings on your end to allow those sites.