The US does not have an official source of fraudulent data.

Creditsafe is committed to helping its customers reduce fraud and will review reported companies but cannot guarantee this will result in suspending their report without supporting evidence from 3rd parties.

Please provide where possible 

The safe number, name & address of the company.

We must have supporting evidence from a 3rd party to start reviewing a company for suspected fraudulent behavior.

Examples of supporting evidence from a 3rd party are below but this is not an exhaustive list 

  • Written information regarding the fraudulent company from a legal professional containing their legal credentials for verification.
  • Police report.
  • Evidence that the company is not located at the address.
  • Confirmation from a 3rd party collection agency.

We also provide the following services to allow you to provide information on such companies:

  1. Creditsafe trade program - You can find more information on our trade information program here.
  2. Creditsafe provides the ability to refer individual referral of cases to our approved collection partners for more information click here. 

If you are unable to provide any supporting evidence we will review what information is available in the public domain and conduct our review using this information.